WYVI Agency,
Street Art Agency

Mural, Live Painting, Initiation workshop

WYVI Agency aims to promote and highlight the artists it supports.

The values ​​of sharing and transmission that we wish to put at the center of our activities represent the spirit of our agency.

Within WYVI, we believe that street art is a universal art. Urban culture unites and speaks to all of us.

With WYVI your communication has a new life

Enhance your image, promote a new collection, attract a new audience, our artists create with you the work and the message that suits you.

Give meaning to your communication thanks to street art.

Mettez l’art au coeur de vos événements

A corporate evening with customers, employees? Offer your audience an ART moment through live painting, customization, etc.

Art appeals to our emotions, our imagination and our creativity. WYVI invites you to create a link with your collaborators by bringing out the artist who is in you during a special team building in street art.

Transmission and sharing

Do you want to learn to paint? Want to create a participatory fresco? WYVI Agency organizes your workshops for adults and children.

Come learn how to handle the bomb !

They trusted us